Sorry for the delay in updates. We have had a lot of good things going on and have failed to keep you updated and we appologize.

1. I have decided to have at least two sources for all critical parts and ideally have one of those in house. To accomplish this I have raised more than 1 million dollars and have purchased an EDM machine, heat treat furnace, a Swiss Turn machine, and four additional CNC mills. Two of the CNC mills have four axis capability and one of the mills has five axis capability. We are also hiring more machinist and are building an R&D lab with our own inhouse 3D modeling and cam system to aid us in the design and improvement of gun parts and accessories. 

2. Regarding the frame castings, we now have three foundries working on the frame. One foundry has started on a new robotic frame mold with vacuum casting capability that will take three months, but they have a much more advanced operation and greater experience in making gun frames. They have quoted 90 days but my hope is our current vendor will get it done before then. We will have the next batch of frames this week from our orginal casting company to test. We are also experimenting with a milled frame with a side plate design (photo 1 and 2) and are starting to use a 3D wax master printer to prove out the best design.

3. We have modified the magazine body stamping dies to make the magazine .110 longer. (photo 3-5) The first of the new magazines should be complete the week after next.

4. We have the first bolts complete with the new assist cut. (photo 6)

Should have the results of the new frames next week.


                          Photo 1                                                                        Photo 2
Frame with Removable Side Plate  

                    Photo 3                                                              Photo 4                                                            Photo 5
Modified Magazine Die    

                                                                    Photo 6
Graphic of Bolt Sys Cut