November 2019 update:
1. The production machines are in place and most are operational. The ones that are not will be wired up shortly. In addition to the 10 machines, we have purchased for production we have decided to also purchase a 5 axis Haas mill that will be delivered in the next week. (pictures 1-3)

2. We are in the process of constructing the quality control room. (picture 4)

3. We have finished the prototype room and have moved the machines and wired them up. (picture 5)

4. We have made headway on the magazines and should be in production soon (picture 6)

5. We should be getting frame examples in the next week from the casting houses and we will update you as soon as we get them in. 

 This project has taken a lot longer than anyone has anticipated, but we are still moving forward and are going to get a quality product out the door as soon as we possibly can.  We thank you for your patience and your trust.


Picture 1 - Production Machines
Picture 1  

Picture 2 - Production Machines (continued)
Picture 2

Picture 3 - Production Machines (continued)
Picture 3

Picture 4 - Quality Control Room
Picture 4 - Quality Control Room

Picture 5- Prototype Room

Picture 6 - Magazine progress
Picture 6 - Magazine Progress